FIRST TIMER - Killary Gaelforce
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Five reasons to choose the Great Fjord Swim for your first open water swimming event: 

  1. Setting, setting, setting. Flanked by the steep sides of Killary Fjord and in the shadow of Mweelrea you will be wowed by this unique and magnificent setting. You will be swimming in the sea but with shelter!
  2. There are 3 distances to choose from allowing a manageable entry point for first timers and providing longer distances to aim for in future years. 
  3. Novelty. It will help to distract you from any trepidation you might be feeling as you travel by fishing trawler to the start line! 
  4. The finish line. All spectating is done from the finish line so you are assured a cheer and a glorious dash across the line on finishing. 
  5. The perfect excuse for a weekend getaway in Connemara in autumn. Sign up and bring the family or sign up with a group of friends and, with very budget-conscious weekend packages available at Killary Adventure Centre, you could make a weekend out of it! 


750m training plan

2km training plan

For information on wetsuit choice see our  FAQs

3.9km event:

We do not offer a training plan for this event as it is for more experienced swimmers, however there are really good tips and advice in this training manual from the Outdoor Swimming Society's Dart 10K Swim in the UK.

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